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Thank you for choosing Christopher Kadish Photography and Hollywood Headshots.

Here is some information you should become familiar with.

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Your Deposit
Regarding your deposit: I will accept Post Office money orders only.

This is a non-refundable $108 money order (includes tax). Due to the popularity of Christopher Kadish Headshot Photography, deposits are due within one week of your scheduling. Make it to "Christopher Kadish."

I will give you the address to send the deposit when we schedule your appointment.

Write your name & the time and date of your session on the money order.

Since you are sending a money order, I recommend being safe and getting a tracking and confirmation slip. If it doesn't arrive, it wasn't sent. It is minimal cost for peace of mind. No need to send certified; if you so choose, a tracking number will do.

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The date of your session may change, depending on unforeseen conflicts. This is rare.

Because I prefer the most beautiful light -natural light- our shooting is weather dependent. If the forecast says 100% chance of precipitation, we will reschedule ahead of time. If there is only a chance of rain, we will continue as planned unless you hear from me otherwise. Sometimes the weather changes like, well, the weather, and we may have to reschedule at the last minute. Sometimes even a session gets interrupted due to inclement weather, and we will continue and finish another time. It's very rare, but it has happened.

-Please note: you must call me the day prior to our shoot to confirm with the weather.

** By scheduling an appointment with me, you are agreeing to the previous and the following terms:

If we have scheduled your appointment, and you need to cancel or reschedule, you must call at least a full 24 hours prior to our scheduled shoot time to do so. If you do not call me at my studio number and leave a message -- 323-377-1330 -- (I will not accept email changes to the schedule) at least a full 24 hours in advance you will lose the deposit. By agreeing to work with me you are agreeing to these terms. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you don't hear from me, and we already scheduled our shoot, I WILL BE THERE.

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Regarding Your Wardrobe
Below are general instructions for everyone. You can also find specific instructions for:
men  •  women  •  children

If I repeat myself, please take note…

For Everyone

-Bring LOTS of choices. I usually shoot from the waist up, so don't go crazy with shoes. I mostly shoot close, but I will be capturing some full body and three-quarter shots if you desire. These larger shots can often be cropped to smaller headshots.

-If you want industrial shots, please bring your full outfit or suit(s), including your shoes. This will help you feel the part.

-Avoid lots of blacks and whites. Bring some.

-Avoid logos.

-Avoid holes in shirts, both designed and burned. Stay away from shirts that have circles or beads or things that distract or pull the casting person's eyes away from yours -- your eyes are VERY IMPORTANT. (Yes, I repeat myself. I do it for a reason.)

-Avoid polka dots or patterns. SOLIDS WORK BEST.

-Don't bring three of the exact same shirt.

-Avoid stripes. There are exceptions.

-If you think the shirt will "date" you, it probably will.

-Basic denim is always good for a choice.

-Bring lots of choices.

-And by lots I mean more than ten to start, but more if you can.

-No jewelry. Very small earrings sometimes work, but rarely. Anything that pulls the eye away from your eyes is not a good thing.

-Bring things that are YOU. Do not come with shirts you are not comfortable in. It will show.

-Layers are good.

-Lots of solids are good.

-Puffy shoulder pads need to be destroyed and removed from the earth.

-Purples and neon and bright aquas or anything like these colors almost never work.

-If you are a very unique dresser and this is your thing, discuss it with me a week before we shoot.

-Nice jackets are good to layer. Bring that leather jacket, or that really cool jacket that makes you look…cool. If the buttons or buckles are large, we most likely will not use them. Keep that in mind.

-Sometimes sweaters work, but they must be timeless and not too bushy. If they are turtle necked, they may not work, but there are some exceptions.

-Make sure your stuff is IRONED. No need to get it all dry cleaned unless it's dirty. The good thing about dry cleaning is they press your shirts for you. Ironing sucks.

-Don't iron and then shove your stuff in a bag. Hang neatly. Roll tee shirts rather than fold them.

-Be careful of fabrics that are flashy or have imbedded patterns. Things that look reflective are not good.

-Avoid leopard patterns. (I know I wrote this already, but you'd be surprised).

-Bring lots of choices.

-Bring even more choices.

-Shirts that match eye color are good ideas. It makes your eyes pop even more.


-Bring a few bras, including a nude color and strapless.

-Bring lots of solid colors and layers. Avoid bushy things, like big collars or fluffy collars and strong prints.

-Avoid things that tie and ribbons and bows, even little ones.

-Avoid patterns of all kinds, i.e. butterflies, flowers, leopard prints, etc.

-No sequins, unless there are just a few. (If there are only a small few, they can probably be Photoshopped out – applies to a retouching fee.) But try to avoid them altogether.

-If your figure works with it, I like to have some spaghetti straps to choose from. Young girls up to 15 I do not recommend this.

-For girls and young women, I like shirts that are fun to use as a prop. For instance, shirts with sleeves that can be pulled over your wrists to look extra cute. Just depends. BRING LOTS OF CHOICES. Hoodies sometimes work.


--Men, bring solid colors and shirts to layer.

-Bring a few neckties to choose from. Jackets too. For the suit shots, bring a few shirts specific for this as well.

-No tie-dye shirts.


-If your child is being photographed, be sure he/she is fed with something healthy. If they have no energy, it will not be fun for anybody. Avoid candy, please. Maybe give your child an apple with peanut butter, something that will give them energy but not make them unfocused or sleepy…you know what I'm gettin' at.

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Hair & Makeup

-I work with some of the best makeup artists in town. When you schedule with me, we will discuss your needs.


-I highly recommend using a professional. Some people can do it properly themselves (and by properly, I mean professionally subtle) but many of those women who say they can, actually don't get it right. If you have a makeup artist whose work you love and admire, then by all means bring them to the shoot, but let me know when we schedule. The artists I work with are extremely talented and do very natural-looking work.

-Bring your curling iron and your straightening iron if you need it. If you need your hair straightened, do it yourself before you arrive. Bring the iron for touch up. There is an extra charge for straightening your hair at the session.

-Bring your own makeup if you have allergies to other brands. My makeup artist has only the best, most professional products, but I like to be safe with this.

-Do not come made up! Come plain faced. Your hair can be done prior, but my makeup artist will do it if it requires basic curling and styling.
-Bring your own curling iron just to be safe.


-If you have special needs, i.e. Acne, tough skin, etc. let me know. Otherwise, I do not require men to use a makeup artist. I will powder you.


--You want your shots to look like you. Do not do things with your hair you will never do before an audition.

-Again, try to match some of your shirts with your eye color.

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And more …

--Bring a pre-weighed and stamped S.A.S.E. for the DVD I will send you. (Stamps only). If you come without, a $5 postage & handling will be charged. If you don't have that, you must mail it to me before I will mail your DVD.

-8% sales tax will be added to every cost.

-When we finish shooting on your day, you will also be asked to sign a sign a basic release form. This is standard for every photographer. I want you in my portfolio!

-Do not get tan! Look like you do most of the year. You want your pics to look like you, not like you after getting barbecued.

-Avoid foods and such that will make you puffy.

-Get good sleep.

-Do not drink or smoke "special cigarettes" the days leading up to your shoot. It will fog your eyes and make you sleepy.

-I know this is a lot of stuff to look at, but please don't get worked up about your session/experience. The more you "think about it" the more difficult it will be to capture your most open, honest self.

-Come with an open mind. My process is entirely unique, like you, and it is more fun when you are willing to play, have fun and take some risks.

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