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What's the first step?

The initial phone conversation.

We should have a good phone conversation before we shoot. This gives us an opportunity to discuss what you want, how you see yourself and the types of roles you want. This gives me a good sense of who you are and will help make you more comfortable when we work together.

Black and White or Color?

The trend is set: Color is in.

And since I shoot with an amazingly powerful digital camera, color images can easily be transformed into black & white.

How many photos? We'll shoot around 200 photographs. Our session will be personal, spontaneous, and hopefully exhausting. With the time and effort we put in, most actors are spent after our shoot.
Do you offer hair and makeup services? I work only with industry professionals who know how to make you look your best and most natural. They stay throughout the shoot and are attentive to your individual needs. Hair and makeup generally costs between $125 and $150. Men usually don't need a makeup artist.
Are the photos digital or film?

I shoot digitally. My incredible camera shoots over 12 million megapixels per image. This is above fashion magazine industry standards.

What do I do with the final digital photos? Bring to the session a self-addressed, pre-stamped box or envelope for a DVD. (Use stamps only.) I will edit the session and mail you a professional copy usually within a week or so after we shoot; unlike many other photographers, the disk of images is yours to keep.

Email your chosen image(s) to a reputable reproduction lab.
Los Angeles clients: I recommend www.isgophoto.com.
East coast clients: I suggest using www.isgophoto.com or www.philadelphiaphotographics.com.

What about retouching? I retouch your professional headshots with a unique (and secret) method for that extra dimension of interest. Having your calling card in the hands of those hiring for even an extra couple seconds could make the difference in getting that opportunity. I want you to get seen. I want your headshot noticed above all others. And I do it for less cost than the labs charge.
And finally...

I understand that price is definitely a factor in your decision, and that is why I keep my rate as low as possible. My rate is subject to change. Call for pricing.

Your time with me is tailored to your specific gifts. You will not be rushed. However, full sessions usually last two hours or so. Working with me will never feel like an assembly line production. What you will feel is special, unique and important, because you are.

Two of the most common comments I hear is "you captured my soul" and "I have too many to choose from." I also often hear "That was fun! And a wonderfully unique experience!" And it is. For me as well. I love what I do.

It's a truth to live by: you get what you pay for. If your career is truly important to you, then you want the BEST headshots in Philadelphia, New York and Hollywood you can get. I will give you my all to capture your everything.



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