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My rate is $40.00 plus 8% sales tax, per image*. After I receive your payment, I will begin retouching.

This is a lower rate than many of the familiar reproduction companies. Reproductions rate for 10-20 minutes (only) for a hi-resolution image you get to keep is $70.00. Their heavy retouching rate for same is $80.00 and up.

I take good time (at least an hour) to massage out the very best image, removing any subtle fly-a ways, whitening teeth, sharpening your eyes, etc… adding layers of dimension to really capture the casting eye!

Email me (from your DVD) the original high resolution file of each image you want retouched. Then I will email back the new, retouched image to you. Save it to disk and keep it in a safe place. (I charge $20 to replace lost or deleted retouched images.)

* Rate subject to change.

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