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"This is by far the most comfortable I've ever been in any photo session. Christopher really takes the time to understand you and make sure your unique personality is captured in your pictures. Considering the amount of actors out there... This is vital to set you apart. I've never been so excited about headshots"
– Sarah C. Hollywood, CA

"After your shoot with Sarah, she went on to become our biggest booker. She always books nationals and is often a guest on the popular TV show "Chelsea Lately."
– Sohl Agency, Hollywood, CA

"Christopher Kadish is not only a great guy personally, but a great photographer as well. Only reluctantly did I let Christopher take my last set of headshots. Not because I didn't think he was up to it but, because I have used the same headshot photographer for the past 15 years and didn't want to change. I wasn't at all anxious to leave my comfort zone.

I equate getting my headshots done with going to the dentist. To say I don't look forward to a headshot session (any headshot session) is putting it mildly. But it was remarkable how quickly Christopher made me feel comfortable in front of his lens. The final product was spectacular! An opinion shared by my Agents and Manager. The spike in the number of auditions and inquiries I had subsequent to my session speaks volumes to me.

You are in good hands with Christopher. Whether Christopher knows it or not, he was my inspiration in reevaluating my dentist, as well. Thanks to Christopher Kadish, I now have GREAT pictures and a beautiful smile. (www.RandolphMantooth.com)
– Randolph Mantooth, LA
(Celebrity and TV star of "Emergency" and other shows)

"Christopher Kadish is truly a master at his work.  I have been in this business for more than 20 years, and I have never worked with a photographer that was really able to pull all of the emotions out of me and help me pour them right into the camera.  Every shot, every move, every look ... he does not miss a thing.  

"He will ask everything of you, like you are being directed in a film.  And you will be rather exhausted when your session is over.  But you will also feel great!!!  

"The end result is that your true personality will come out in these wonderful photos.  That is what gets the work. The toughest part is choosing the best picture, because there are so many good ones! Thanks so much Chris .... you are the best."

Christie Fletcher – Professional news anchor/performer
Lancaster, PA

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
There are so many beautiful shots of my kids that I don't know where to begin! I'm actually overwhelmed"
– Mary N., New York

"You captured my son's soul through his smile and his eyes in a way no one has ever been able to before."
– Donna L., New Jersey

"I've been getting heaps of auditions because of your work. In fact, since I started submitting your photos, I have had more auditions in one month than I had all year!"
– Meg A., New York

"The first batch of photos was sent out on a Monday... By Thursday, I've been contacted by three agencies."
–Joe P., Philadelphia

"Your wonderful headshots of me have gotten more audition calls in the last month than my others ever did for an entire year. Because they are so specific – the black and white photo is great for the ‘expressive, thoughtful, longing, deeply emotional’ wife or mother, and the color shot is great for the ‘sexy woman with moxy’. They’re parts I know I can do, and these headshots must show people that I have the capability of fulfilling their requirements enough to call me in. It’s quite nice. I’ve been wanting shots like these for a long time. So thank you."
– Katrina Lenk, Los Angeles (Broadway & Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre actress)

"Truly captures your essence. Made me feel more comfortable than any other photographer I’ve ever worked with."
– Iris Bahr, Los Angeles
(Iris used one of her Kadish Photos for her first book cover)

"A great session. Very different and very real."
– Raif Mosig, Germany

"Christopher fights for each picture. With his energy and sensitivity, he calls for that inner something that is so special and deep to come out. And he makes you feel safe! I got something so unexpected and so true."
– Eva Frajko, Los Angeles

"Christopher has captured my soul. I am seriously blown away."
– Bill Fisher, New York

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