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Destination Wedding & Engagement Photography

Questions I am often asked:

Q: What's your style?
A: We blend a style of cinema, fashion, lifestyle and photojournalism (with a few traditionally posed) into every wedding, creating your storybook wedding picture pages.

People commonly ask if we’re Photojournalistic or Traditional. We are both. We let your story book day unfold in front of the lens. We are damn good at capturing what’s beautiful & spontaneous and doing it in clever, honest and unique ways. To be frank, we go for your soul and the soul of the moment each and every click of the shutter. We don’t rest. We are full of energy. We love what we do. Basically, we all share our gifts: your gift of marriage and togetherness and our gift of photography: spontaneous photojournalistic and traditional -sometimes with a twist.

Q: Will you travel to shoot our wedding?

A: Absolutely! Whenever, wherever. We are passionate travelers and find great pleasure in experiencing new local and foreign places. Our studio is located in Philadelphia (National Geographic’s number one most new popular city to live!) And Europe is my most frequent travel destination, but we will go anywhere to capture your magical day. If you are anywhere in the United States, we will travel there, and will familiarize ourselves with everything you may find lovely and appealing in your photographs: from mountain tops to diners, from the Grand Canyon to your own back yard.

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